Our universe!

Uninhibited Golf

Welcome to the crazy world of Tee Time Covers®! Here, we live and breathe golf, but be careful, not just any golf: fun, offbeat and original golf. Arm yourself with our accessories to turn heads on the Green!

Our values

  • Originality

    Tired of the conventional? U.S. too ! Our headcovers are designed to make you stand out on the green and show everyone that you are a golfer like no other.

  • Gap

    Influenced by American relaxation, our products shake up the codes of European golf. Forget clichés, here, we dare to have fun and fantasy!

  • Practicality

    Even the most eccentric golfers want practical accessories. Our headcovers are easy to use and maintain. You will love them!

  • Quality

    Because fun does not rhyme with carelessness, we are committed to offering you durable, high-quality products. You will be able to enjoy your offbeat golf for a long time.

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The Founder's Babble

Hello fun golfers! During my travels in the United States, I discovered a golf course where you laugh, where you relax and where you dare to be yourself. I loved this relaxed and quirky vibe, and I decided to share it with you by creating Tee Time Covers®.

Since then, our team of enthusiasts has worked tirelessly to find the craziest designs and the most robust materials, in order to offer you headcovers that do not go unnoticed while protecting your precious clubs.

We firmly believe that golf should be about fun, and that starts with daring to express your personality on the green. This is why we are committed to offering you an ever-widening and varied choice of headcovers, so that everyone can find the style that suits them and live their passion for golf without constraints.

By joining us, you become part of a community of daring golfers who are not afraid to think outside the box and shake up the traditional codes of European golf. Together, we will develop this sport and show that golf is above all about having fun and sharing good times.

Are you ready to join the Tee Time Covers® adventure and bring your daring touch to the green? We look forward to welcoming you to our happy band of offbeat golfers!

See you soon for new colorful golfing adventures!

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Fondateur et grand gourou du fun chez Tee Time Covers®